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China Water & Wastewater is a technical journal managed by the Ministry of Construction, the People¡¯s Republic of China.  This Chinese journal is published by the North China Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute twice (on the 1st and 17th) a month.  Each published article is accompanied by an English abstract.  Publication headquarter is in Tianjin, China.  Annual subscription is $720 (or $30 per issue).  Since its publication in 1985, China Water & Wastewater has enjoyed a large audience from academia and practitioners that are engaged in research, design, and operations of water supply, wastewater treatment, and other environmental engineering systems.  It has been recognized as one of the core civil engineering publications in China.  The journal publishes original, innovative and creative research results. It emphasizes a balanced coverages of both theory and practice. Abstracts of many articles have been included in well-known Chinese and international periodical index systems.  China Water & Wastewater offers a major platform for the professionals to exchange research results and practical experiences.  It also provides the latest technological advances and industry trends in China and abroad.  Furthermore, it introduces new and advanced treatment equipment for potential applications. It is therefore the premier and most authoritative journal in the fields of water supply and wastewater treatment in China.

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